Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nick's Back in Business

We had dinner at Nick's last night.  Well, to be a bit more technical, we had dinner at Natalie's, which is owned and operated by Nick.  He thinks he'd like to change the name of the place back to Bill's.  We agree.  Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.  Let me back up.
After I was diagnosed with breast cancer and while I was going through radiation, I just didn't have a lot of energy to cook.  So my PG and I would frequent the Crossings Grill, a local restaurant in Franklin Park run by Nick, a.k.a., The Greek.  Nick had THE BEST cream of chicken soup I'd ever had.  But the restaurant just didn't draw enough business.  You see, by the time Nick opened his business in a brand new condo building, downtown Franklin Park had become something of a "no man's land".  People from town just didn't go there.  No matter what Nick did, he couldn't draw more people in.  Those who did go, loved it.  But even word of mouth wasn't enough.  So he closed his doors last spring.  We felt like we lost a friend. 

He finally found a place to land in the city, about 20 minutes away.  We found out about it last night, and 30 minutes later we were on the road to Nick's place.  We sat and talked about the place, what it was right before he bought it and what it was like prior to the last owner taking over.  Everyone knew the place as Bill's Drive In.  So Nick is considering changing it back to that name.  Won't mind at all if people come in and call him Bill.  Just as long as they come in. 

Wednesday is Cream of Chicken soup day.  Guess where I'll be for dinner!!!


Leanne said...

Yea! Nick!!!!!! I've listened to you talk about Nick's place for a long time, and I'm thrilled for you (and for him) that he's back in business!! Enjoy your soup, Peggy!

Laura said...

PK - after hearing about Nick for the last few years (or so it seems), it is great to see his photo!!!! Love this blog! And while some of us continue on the subject of "Angels", Nick and his place could be an Angel of sort -- when you are too tired to cook, you know there is someone who has a great hot bowl of soup waiting for you and PG and will serve it with a big smile.

Cindi said...

Shoot! Now I want some cream of chicken soup and I don't know Nick.