Sunday, August 23, 2009


When my grandson was about 6, we talked about how there would come a time when he wouldn't want to hug me. "Grandma, I don't think that'll happen," he said. Sure ' happened. I used to tell him that when you hug, you give all the love that's inside you to the person you're hugging. And all the love they have inside them then comes to you. So you are never without being full of love. Today I had to ask the now 11-year-old for a hug, and I asked him if he remembered our discussion when he was younger. He remembered it, but said, "Grandma, if you hug me, then I go and hug Grandpa, I'm giving him your love." No, I said, you are giving him YOUR love, because as my love fills you up, it becomes your love - YOU are the owner of that love. But not giving it away to someone leaves no room for you to receive someone else's love. Simplistic? Sure. But I think about how it really makes sense. Have you ever met someone who was so into themselves that they couldn't hold a conversation about anything else? And if the topic ever veered away from talk about them, they always managed to steer it back somehow? Maybe they just never bothered to give away their love to make room to receive love. Who will you give your love to today? (Picture courtesy of

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Leanne said...

Absolutely love your hug post, Peggy. We started something in our house a while ago, about hugging. We ask for "squeeze" hugs . . . which are just those little hugs that last a little longer and feel oh! so good. If Katie or Ellie give a quick, "Oh, here you go, Mom. Here's a hug" kind of hug, I immediately ask for a squeeze one. I'm pretty sneaky like that. Hugs are the BEST medicine! I'll have to use your "Hug giving Love" philosophy. It's a good one.