Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Living the Life of your Dreams

I received an email from www.tut.com (daily inspirations in their "Notes from the Universe") with a really neat analogy about living the life of your dreams. It's..."a lot like sailing. You pick your destination, hoist your sail, make minor adjustments while the journey is underway, and let the wind do all the hard work." Many who have known me a while know that I always use the phrase, "Think, Feel, Be". If you think about what you want in life, imagine (feel) what the end result will be, and move toward it, making any adjustments as you go, you'll get there. It's not that you can imagine it and POOF, it happens. You still have to work toward your goal. And yes, some days the waters will be rough, or you won't have wind for the sails. But that doesn't mean the journey was a mistake. It just means you have to wait for the waters to calm or the wind to pick up. Don't try to control the "how" it happens. Just focus on the end result and you'll get there. And remember what Thomas Edison said. "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." How's that for a positive spin on "Keep on keepin' on"?


Jeanette said...

Well, I always knew you were an illumined being! Your writing is beautifully eloquent, warm and inspiring. Your thoughts are divine! I also enjoy the tut.com messages each morning as well as the abraham-hicks daily messages. If we all used the song, Row, Row, Row Your Boat...as a living mantra, wouldn't life be so much more effortless and "merry"?

Anonymous said...

PK - I love it, love it, love it!!!!!

Peggy said...

An interesting observation from one of my Facebook friends..."I genuinely believe there wouldn't be any war if people would just get out and get to know the people they share the planet with when they're young." How easy is THAT!?!