Monday, August 17, 2009

Let your Heart Dance

Today, let your heart dance.
You will find no shortage of dance partners, as your feet join in.
And your eyes.
And your smile.
And every part of your body and your feelings.
Let your heart dance all day long.
Author Unknown


Anonymous said...

A very appropo writing. How can we make that an every day sentiment?

Leanne said...

I needed this today. Thanks, Peg.

Anonymous said...

I heard an interesting comment this past weekend that fits right in with this blog today. On retreat with a man who was heling to have more effective meetings he started his introuduction of himself with "my mission as I understand it right now". You never know how the winds of life will impact you mission.

Leanne said...

I'm just looking at this picture again. This is a beautiful photo. Did you take it?

Peggy said...

I did take it, Leanne. It is from my garden and it's a hostas.